Another study from my group was published in the Lancet Rheumatology showing efficacy and safety of the IL-1 blocking agent anakinra and superiority of this treatment to IL-6 blockers (such as tocilizumab and sarilumab) in severe COVID-19 pneumonia. We have been the first to suggest the potential efficacy of blocking IL-1 with anakinra in the treatment of severe forms of COVID-19. This study substantiates this intuition and demonstrates how anakinra, but not tocilizumab or sarilumab, significantly reduces the mortality of patients with severe COVID-19, thus suggesting that this drug could be included in the therapeutic armamentarium against this disease. The study is an integral part of the COVID-19 strategic program at IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan (Italy), coordinated by my friends and colleagues Prof. Alberto Zangrillo and Fabio Ciceri.

G Cavalli, A Larcher, A Tomelleri, C Campochiaro, E Della- Torre, G De Luca, N Farina, N Boffini, A Ruggeri, A Poli, P Scarpellini, P Rovere-Querini, M Tresoldi, A Salonia, F Montorsi, G Landoni, A Castagna, F Ciceri, A Zangrillo, L Dagna. Interleukin-1 and interleukin-6 inhibition compared with standard management in patients with COVID- 19 and hyperinflammation: a cohort study. Published: February 03, 2021 DOI:

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